About American Singer Club

Our Mission

Our goals include increasing fancier interest and promoting public awareness of the American Singer Canary. We actively recruit prospective American Singer Canary Breeders, freely share all information of merit with all American Singer Canary breeders, assist the beginner in obtaining stock, canary management problems, training, showing, etc.

We support American Singer Shows, adhere to the founding principles and goals of the originators of the American Singer Canary, assist and train individual members to become judges, encourage breeding research and other research in relation to canary song and its inheritance factor, publish American Singer literature whenever possible, support and obey the rules and regulations of the American Singer Club, Inc. as put forth in its constitution

The American Singer Membership

Membership is open to any person interested in American Singer Canaries. The payment of annual dues is the only requirement for membership in good standing, though members are encouraged to attend meetings and be involved in club activities, including the annual song competition hosted by our club.

We hold meetings every other month, except during show season when we meet more frequently. Meetings are often held at the homes of club members so that they can share their birdroom setup and ideas with the group. Members are encouraged to share their birdroom concerns and experiences.

Full members of the American Singers Club, Inc, and are eligible to hold office, vote, and can receive all chapter awards. Associate members have access to all club resources.

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